My name is Alix Marion and I have been fascinated with art and museums for quite some time now. After studying Art History and English in Paris, where I come from, I decided to specialize in Exhibition Curating and in Museum Curatorship.


In 2014-2015, I have studied a Master's Museum and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews. My Master's consisted in curating an exhibition for about six months: I was part of a group of six people and I was in charge of Digital Media and Communications, Design of Communication Tools, and Sponsorship with another person.


A part of this Master's also consisted in finding a placement work for the same duration: I chose the University of Dundee Museum Services, quite a small organization, but where I learnt many things. The curator asked me to prepare an exhibition due to open in Spring 2015, so this time I was in charge of everything, and received a lot of help from him and his assistant.


You can find my portfolios for both of these exhibitions on this website. Enjoy!

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